Sunday, October 26, 2008

Downtown T&T

Best Witches! There was Trick or Treating downtown on this lovely Autumn Saturday. Great Aunt Mary, Aunt Elaine and Cousin Stacy were visiting. So we decided to kick off the Halloween season by taking the kids to go visit Grandpa Paul and Celia at their store and to go get some SwEEt LoOt!
Isabelle decided, after finding out that her Aunt Irene was going to be LiTTle rEd RiDinG HoOd, that she wanted to be as well. So sorry folks, no Annie with vampire teeth this year. She told me that she will be that next Halloween.

We had 3 costume options for Benjamin. A Chicken, A Monkey or an Astronaut, well - he refused all 3. He keep Yelling NO!!!! Coat!!! Coat!! Coat!! So we let him where his coat. Some battles, just cannot be fought.
Here are the goblins testing the goods. Next....we are off to the Dairy Union for Lunch, home for a NaP and then out the Park for some more TRick oR tReatInG! Will a costumed Ben join us this round? I think so.....

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sally said...

hehe, a coat for halloween? it works. hey, as long as he gets the goods, it's fine. i'm anxiously awaiting pictures of the chicken costume, though!!
little red riding hood is adorable!