Friday, October 26, 2012

Going Batty

 We are learning all about BATS in school right now in our Zoology - Science Unit.
 All of a sudden, Olivia is letting Isabelle read to her.  It's been so nice!
 My very special little:  Ninja Turtle!  Ben got to wear his costume to Cub Scouts this past week.  He did lots of slides...good thing his costume has knee pads.
 This is a fun treat plate I made with Paleo Snacks (gluten free - grain free).  Banana Muffins and Granola Bites.
 Here we see Mr. Ben helping me make Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast.
 Miss O hanging out in a diaper box with a dolphin in her hands and a band aid she placed on her head for an imaginary ouch.
 This is a beautiful Sunrise that I watched recently.  How amazing to see God's world wake up.  Peace and beauty everywhere.  Wonderful way to start the day.
 In the early morning - a Dark Eyed Junco in a nearby tree
Rose and I on our morning walk.   I walked the dogs twice yesterday, once in nature (am), once around the subdivision (pm).  They kind of tire me out.  :)  Happy Friday Everyone!

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