Monday, October 22, 2012

Training Cats and Dogs

 So Much puppy Love. (Livy & Scout at Training)
 These puppies are growing way quick....and well so are the children.  :)
 My Cat.  Isabelle is a pink leopard kitty for Halloween this year.  She already had to wear her costume for a party this past weekend.   I want to cry because she is growing up more and more every time that I blink and she is truly amazing.  I had a feeling she would be.
 Just Horsing Around.
One of my new paintings.  I am feeling quite inspired these days, sneaking in art whenever I can.  I actually started an Artist Journal that I will be sharing some pages here soon.  (its just words and art combined...mostly sketches and doodles and such along with my thoughts, its been so fun I love it.)  P.s. this is a real bird called a : Cuban.  It reminds me of a hummingbird (but bigger).  I couldn't even imagine seeing this bird in real life, how awesome would that be?  well, they are not from around these parts so pictures must do. :)  Homeschooling has been goodish, but I keep questioning myself constantly.  Are we doing enough? Are they getting enough?  Is this o.k.?   I am having my doubts, not trusting myself....It has been challenging and I wonder if I should keep having faith or if I am a fool?  Gosh, time will tell I suppose.   We are taking this year and giving it our best shot....and if it works wonderful!!!! and if not... well, then we move on how we must.  I really don't know what else is on my mind.  Noah bought a new truck.  I bought diapers (potty training is going slow but progressing).  I am reading lots of dog training/behavior/raising books.  The weather has been WET.  I am excited that we have all 5 halloween costumes ready to go.  Mine will remain a surprise.....hehe.  (nothing too exciting but kind of fun).  The fish is dying , my bamboo plant is dying.  I am just trying to survive, thank God, I have God on my side.  I am a mess.   I just want to fall in a ditch and take a nap for a while.  I want to scream at the top of my lungs and run through a field til I fall to my knees.  I want the leaves to cover my body and keep me warm and safe.   But, I guess a blanket in the nice warm house would do the same thing.  Am I a mom? an artist? a friend? a wife? a daughter?  a teacher? a trainer? a loser? a winner? a homemaker?  a chef? a christian?  a sweeper? a loon? a cryer? a magic bean buyer?  Whats with all the labels all the time?  I am tired of labels.  I just want to  Nothing filling me , nothing taking from me...just me, here...for a little while.  Nobody asking me for juice or freedom or where this and that happen to be.  I'd like to get away from myself sometimes, but that is hard to do.  For the most part I am doing o.k.  We are doing more than o.k. and really, I think that is more than enough...most of the time.  I have added "Cracklin Rosie" from Neil Diamond on my ipod for my puppy ROsiE.  I really like Pink's new video:  Try.   Once upon a time a psychic told me that I would make great soups and stews....well, I just remembered and realized this the other day as I was making cream of broc soup from scratch and coconut chicken stew that was quite excellent and I was like wow, that lady was right, how did she know?  I guess I should get these troops to rest, it's late.   Goodnight Ya'all.

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