Monday, September 17, 2012

step into the light, everything will be alright

 Ben snuggling Scout.  The puppies are growing so fast already!  I can't believe that they have already been with us for two weeks.  Their personalities are shining through and it is exciting to see them develop.  It is so fun to see them interact with the kids and with each other.  They are a handful no doubt....but quite honestly, I am quite enjoying it.  Sure they are trouble, but sometimes in life....trouble is what gets us to become awake when we have been sleeping for too long.  Trouble is what opens our hearts and our minds to the possibilities that await.   I like that they are trouble.  I hope that they won't be too much trouble. Only time will tell. :)
 Speaking of Trouble - Olivia (playing in the bird bath) and Rose (chewing something).  Both causing trouble and not listening to come in when called.  Misc. Notes:  This crazy circus just keeps on growing!  oh well, can't say that I am bored.  I do kind of secretly hope the fish dies so I can gain some counter space back.  These days have been a whirlwind.  I invite the cool breezes that whisper to me that Autumn is coming.  I love that Olivia calls sponge bob: bob bob.  Ben has learned to ride his two wheeler officially.  Isabelle is dancing like a fool to her ipod music.  Our school is having its ups and downs.  I always feel like we are not doing enough, but maybe we are.  Noah is on a business trip and I hate when he is away.  I feel anxious and sad.  I hear the cool wind outside.  I hear an owl.  I hear the puppies chomping on their food.  I hear Olivia saying: up up up up.  I think her butt might stink.  got to check into that.  We had baked sweet potatoes and turkey for dinner.  Olivia is now singing and I can no longer hear the wind or the owl.  Isabelle just thanked me for dinner, how sweet that girl is.  There are books spread all over my counter as we did school upstairs today for a change of pace.  I think that worked pretty well...but really what do I know?  I do know that I have some very muddy shoes and clothes to clean for Ben since he played in the creek and collected clams half of Sunday.  My little wild boy.  Olivia just stole all the ice packs out of the freezer.  Wonder what her plan is.  Every day I think about how I want to paint, but every day ends with me never making it that far...maybe I do a sketch of an idea...but that is as far as I get.   Maybe tomorrow will be different.  Maybe tomorrow, I will get further.  Create.  Create.  The word echoes through my soul...and I know I should listen....I know I should...but, the end of the day, beats me every
Olivia eating a Paleo / gluten-free chocolate cookie and loving it!  For those who think that my children get no treats or "special" snacks...they do.  This is a homemade cookie that is made with great healthy stuff that won't hurt their tummies or make them feel sick.  I feel good giving it to them and they enjoy eating them.  Isabelle helped me make these!  She was so excited because she loves to cook/bake and she loves trying new recipes.  I think about what is best for my children every moment that I am awake and breathing and alive. This is my job.  I am not cheating them or mistreating them. My children are not on a diet.  They are not restricted food if they are hungry, they are just restricted of food that we don't feel is best for their precious growing bodies.  I feel so good giving them healthy meals.  My children have so many wonderful choices/opportunities and I am so excited for them.  I sure have a lot to learn on this (not so easy) journey, but the more I learn, the more I understand and the more I look forward to this path and our next meal together :).

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