Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Buck, a Bird, and a Bee

 All of a sudden the bucks have been running around our yard like crazy.  Last night this one decided to linger for a long while, so I got my camera out.  He was beautiful.  Lucky for him, Noah wasn't home!
 Now that the leaves are gone, it's so much easier to take pics of birds in the trees. hehe.  I love seeing the birds all puffed up, trying to keep warm in the colder weather.
 This one my favorite Bee, out for her first time officially going to doors for trick or treating.
 Trio of Trouble ready to walk the hood.
 This pumpkin either had too much candy or too much to drink.  Maybe both.
Here are my pups, growing like weeds..well, more like wildflowers!!!  This Sunday we finally got their dog run/kennel for outside....so life in the house should become a little easier on all.  This gives us more options!  I cannot believe that there are so snow flurries today!  It's so crazy.  I am thankful for so many things.  Our heat went out on Saturday, I am thankful, that someone came out right away and could fix the problem.  I had the kids start our thankfulness tree yesterday.  We gathered branches and put them in a vase and started making paper leaves of what we are thankful for.  I think I am going to sneak in a little painting today, so I am very excited about that.  I think that is all for now.  Happy Tuesday!

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