Thursday, November 29, 2012

He's back and picture lack.

Good Morning!  I know it has been awhile.  Every time I think to sit down and write, a wind picks me up, twirls me around and puts me down someplace else.  I was going to just add a bunch of catch up photos but now the site is telling me my photo storage is full and I need to buy more storage space....well I will need to look into that.  So anyway....  Thanksgiving was nice.  It was a lot of work, but went well.  School has been going along smoothly for the most part, we have gotten the hang of things and are in a nice flexible groove.  I was gonna write/share Ben's wonderful Christmas list but I'm kind of not in the mood now cuz of the picture space thing is throwing me off and I really need coffee, so I may try and write later.  Other news quick:  Ben lost his first tooth and I love listening to the way he talks now, hehe.  He's back! Flick our elf has returned and has so many more exciting places to hide in this house!  The dogs are getting BIG and more loving (and more trouble) everyday.  I am leaving for South Dakota tomorrow to meet Noah there for his company's Christmas Party.  Kids are staying home with my in laws.  Praying for us all to have safety, health, and happy hearts.  This morning as I wake up to frost outside, I am so thankful for the nice warm bed that I get to sleep in.  Have a beautiful Thursday!

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