Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Red White and Boo

 Here we see the baby girl gearing up to be lots of trouble.  This kid is a nonstop whirlwind of distruction.  What is so neat about what she is wearing in this photo is that Isabelle had the same outfit when she was around the same age.  So I pulled out the scrapbooks this weekend to find the photos for comparision.  It was fun.  Then the kids and I went through some of the books and it was so fun to look back and remember our special moments and see how much the kids have grown.  It also gave me the giant urge, to get my stuff out and start trying to catch up a little bit.  I honestly have not done much since Olivia has been born.  She has a few pages that include her but that is it.  So, the guilt sets in.  I must keep this goal on the top of my list.  My scrapbooking brain even pulled sparkler boxes out of the garbage because they will look great on a page layout! 
 Here is the lovely trio all decked out in their red white and blue. 
 Here's Benny Boo running around like a firecracker before the fireworks.  Yes, he still needs a haircut.
 Beautiful Isabelle was thrilled that we saw a class friend before the firework activities.  They got to play for quite awhile together.  Olivia was not interested in the fireworks yet this year.  I had to keep her from empting out my whole purse into the darkness of the grass. 
One of the evenings recently, Noah made this coconut chicken on the grill.  It was very good.  So, the long holiday weekend is finally over and to be quite honest, sometimes 4 day weekends can get a little too long.  The heat doesnt really help the situation either.  This holiday I felt like Cinderella and not in a good way...in the way that she she has so many tasks to do that she never makes it to the ball.  Oh well.  That is my rant of whining and feeling sorry for myself, now I must move on to happy thoughts and lovely days. I'm excited about many wonderful projects and events on the horizon.  It looks beautiful outside, can't wait to start TODAY.

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