Saturday, July 09, 2011

Broccoli & Blueberries

Photograph:  Broccoli and Blueberries from our Garden.  On this lovely Saturday in July, I share the following:  A fly just landed on me and I wish death upon it.  Flys really BuG me.  I tried to smack it but, of course it escapes.  Ben is next to me playing with his Silly Putty and a pirates knife.  He keeps making things and asking me to guess what they are.  So far:  a snake, a rope, a worm, a bigger snake, a longer snake, a thicker snake....oh and another snake.  Olivia is drinking some MiLk so, I have bought myself a few moments of peace.  Noah is taking a nAp because he just rode his bike to Wisconsin and back.  Isabelle is at a playdate/sleepover at her girlfriend's house.  There is rumor that the husband is taking me and the remaining clan, out for the evening meal.  That of course means that I will have to attempt to look somewhat presentable to society since the rumored place is of decent stature.  This means clothes without holes and make up and some hair brushing.  I cut the boy child's hair and didnt do as a super job as I first suspected.  Now, I will have to have someone fix it up!  Good thing boy child is thrilled with the haircut and loves me to pieces.  Good thing he doesnt have a mirror to see the back.  I hear a bird chirping but cannot identify it.  The slight breeze coming through the window sure is swell.  I swept up lots of dog hair and cherrios today.  I suspect that there will be more tomorrow.  I sent a painting out into the world without taking a picture of it and this makes me feel like I lost something special.  I am astonished that we are already in the midst of July.  I now hear Olivia throwing hangers and books in her room.  I guess I should just look at it like she is rearranging. I got a nice letter today.  My current favorite song is: Hurt performed by Johnny Cash.  I started reading a book I got from the library:  So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.  I started a fun painting last night but had to put it away due to time restraints.  Ben and I watched ALF together last night and wow, did the memories of the 80's come flowing back.  The kids and I have been dancing in the kitchen lately and it's quite crazy and fun.  Olivia is by far the best dancer of us all.  I picked up some new contact lenses yesterday and would like to report that my eyes have been doing super since the Dr. suspected that it might be the solution that I was using.  Olivia will not let me keep a barrette or rubber band in her hair.  She rips them out at first opportunity.  Her hair hangs over her eyes and she is happy and I give up the battle.  Her new favorite thing to do is: climb on my bed and then run to the corners and stop and fall down right before she falls over the edge.  She laughs the whole time, me...not so much.  Cleaning out my lazy susan recently, I discovered things stuck in the way back (pinched my arm and left a big bruise reaching for one of the suckers).  There were products from 1952.  O.k., maybe not that old, but old enough to make me question:  when was the last time I cleaned this out and why do I have this?  Don't EVER take your shoes off around Olivia:  your shoes WILL go missing!  You may even find them or at least one of them in the dog food. Vanilla Extract and an H20 mix are supposed to make for a good bug repellent.   I guess that's all I have to say.  Good Day.

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