Sunday, July 17, 2011

We took the Animals to the Zoo

 I just love the giraffes.  I think I could watch them all day.
 Beautiful Peacock
 Isabelle's favorite animal this time was the : Dolphin
 Nobody really liked viewing this expired looking monkey
This is a :  Fairy Bluebird.  When you see one, you are supposed to make a wish on it before it flies away. 
LAst WeEk:  The kids and I spent some time at my parents house for a visit.  We don't get out there as often as we would like due to distance and busy schedules, so our time spent together is very precious to us all.  Besides "The FaLL", we had some very nice moments shared.  Isabelle finally got her Ears pierced as an early birthday gift.  She picked pretty pink flower stones.  For those that know, getting her ears pierced has been a long time dream for her , finally fulfilled.  She has been so great about cleaning them 3x a day.  She has been dreaming of all of the earrings in her future.  I was excited to be in my hometown, as it always brings back many memories.  I have had a taste for the local pizza (phil's), so I was excited when we ordered that for dinner one night.  Also, Isabelle wanted to try:  White Castles, so we did that one day too.  The kids had a blast playing with Grandpa.  Ben had LOTS of questions for Grandpa.   Grandma made special meals and treats and planned some projects.  Uncle Al brought special gifts from Mexico (including puppets and a coconut purse).  I got to shop and get some great paint supplies.  We looked at old pictures and heard and told great stories.  This time has gone fast, but it is cherished.  Paintings & Other updates to come soon.  Happy Sunday.

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