Thursday, July 07, 2011

Master Chef Olivia

 Today we will be cooking with a very talented and creative young lady.  Please meet :  Master Chef Olivia.  She is so excited to be whipping up a very special dish for us today.
 Here we see Chef O as she is deeply thinking about what would be the best recipe to make.  She really wants to wow us with her creation.  She shares with me that her love of food began a long time ago when her 2 teeth came in.  Although she still only has the 2, she insists that her palette is seasoned and sharp.
 Once her recipe is decided, she inspects and gathers her fresh ingredients, utensils and kitchenwares.  The ideas start flowing and she gets to work.
 Chef Olivia works endlessly on this amazing dish.  She spoons and stirs and measures and tastes.  She tosses, flattens, smooshes and tastes some more.  The process seems complicated yet she makes it look so fun and easy.  Each step is important to get the proper product in the end.  Her methods are unusual, and she talks, giggles and screams alot during the process.  Step by step, she is getting it done while being hugely entertaining at the same time which is a wonderful quality in this profession.
...and finally, she whips off her hat:.. the dish is complete.  The Chef seems very happy with the results.  I still don't know what it is exactly that she has made for us today, but if she is happy, I am sure it is a 5 star meal!  Thank you for joining us today!, I have to get the clean up crew in here...and the Chef needs some milk and a nap.

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