Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Couldn't find my camera cord at the moment, so for your viewing pleasure, I used a photo I had in my files.  One day recently, I walked in to find Ben playing his DS like this.   So, not even sure what I am going to ramble about, but I think I have a few quiet moments so here it goes:  We got our first garden tomatoe the other day and now we have several more...awesome!  So, I was watching the orginial show of Flipper with Ben since Dolphins are very much one of his favorite things of the moment...and I must say that I am compeltely amazed by Flipper.  Not only, was he super talented and smart...but also strong....he fought off (and I believe killed) an alligator and several sharks to protect and save his loved ones.  Who knew Flipper was such a warrior?  He always looks so playful and happy...flippin around and such.  It just tells you that ya never know what an individual has inside until they need to use it.  Maybe I shouldn't wear my Dolphins are Jerks shirt anymore.  Happy Tuesday!

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