Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Fresh New Day

 Fresh & Bright Farmers Market Flowers from a Friend.  These smell amazing and have really lifted my spirits this week.
 While visiting my parents, I cam across this birdhouse that I painted for them many many moons ago.
This sweet painting was requested by a friend as a gift for a little girl who is turning one.  Her bedroom is pink with green polka dots.  This is a 12x12 stretched canvas & acrylic paint.   Next project:  Two horses are calling my paint brush... ---Misc. Round Up this fine A.M.---**Just in case you are not aware, it's hot out there.  I am thankful to have the a/c on.**This time visiting Brookfield Zoo, I noticed there were no Elephants for my viewing pleasure.  What's up with that?  **There is a giant dead ground hog in the woods just past our house.  It smells horrid.  I wish someone would take him away or burn him.  **Olivia had a regular dr. check up yesterday (good timing) and everything is looking great.  She is developing wonderfully besides that she should have a few more teeth by now (she still only has the two).  Her Dr. really made me feel better about the fall and put things in perspective for me.  Bonus:  I threatened the other two children before the visit to conduct their "best behavior" because it was so important for mommy to talk without interruption and to hear what the Dr. is saying.  Well , I report that they did amazing!  **Between Isabelle getting to do so much with friends, etc and Olivia needing my constant attention , and Noah traveling more often etc...I feel Ben has been getting the short end of the stick lately.  He needs special one on one time with me.  Yesterday, I bought him an awesome book:  Brain Quest Workbook for Kindergarten.   We work on the pages together.  This is getting him ready to go back to school and we also get to spend special time together.  I love seeing how his little brain functions when he is figuring things out.  I adore how he sticks his tongue out of the side of his mouth when he is concentrating on writing or drawing.  **I also bought Isabelle a book:  Bindi Irwin's wildlife adventures.  Both kids were shocked when I told him that her dad died of being stung by a stingray.  Especially since Ben was just touching and playing with stingrays at the zoo.  **I also bought me a book:  a classic that I have never read:  Animal Farm by George Orwell.  **We have a fun day planned with a special friend.  I am surprised the kids are not up yet.  I think I might wake them up with some Zumba.

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