Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peas and Pigtails

 Garden Peas.  There is just something super special about arriving in the garden early morn, feeling the faint breeze, seeing the rising sun, touching God's earth, hearing the birds a.m. lullaby...and tasting the delish of a fresh picked vegetable.  But, then...the kids see that you are in the garden and start yelling at you from the window in the house, you can hear them fighting, they are asking you questions (like: can I have breakfast?((and the thing about letting those little people eat, is that you have to clean it up - ugh)))...which is oh so great, and then the flies & bugs start nipping at your face and try to fly within you eyeball and up your nose, then your remember that you forgot to put on your junk shoes for the garden and the fresh mud squishes through your toes of your good shoes...and because of the kids royal rumpous, the dog begins to bark...and lets just say this is less the ideal, relaxing and magical garden experience that I knew only moments earlier, so I gather up my green goods in my shiny bowl and I make my way back to the funhouse.  Cleaning and shucking the millions and billions of peas is beyond tedious.  The many pods are empty and only one serving bowl is filled with these sweet delights when all is said and done.  Nothing like eating a fresh a garden pea.  They sure are swell.  But, maybe next time, I will just grab a bag out of the freezer...maybe.
 This is my first child with a raimbow on her head.  We went to a local festival this past weekend.  The kids enjoyed the parade the best (probably because they got lots of sugar thrown at them). 
 Here is the boy child, letting the first child "do his hair".  He needs a haircut.  It's always a challenge taking the children in, so I guess I have been avoiding it and hoping that Noah will bring Ben when he goes.  But, since barrettes and rubberbands are now making their way onto his head...I should probably take care of business for the lad.
 We recently visited friends who live in the country.  They have lots of chickens and kittens.  The baby girl especially liked the kittens.   Nothing sweeter then a baby with a kitty.....except when she tries to strangle it and pop it's head off.  That's not as lovely as one would think.  I'm pretty certain this kitten still has two eyes after we were through with it....but I am not positive.
I am LOVING that we can put Livy Monster's hair in little pig tails now.  Now shes not just cute, she is extra cute (in my mommy opinion).  Since Isabelle is not letting me do here hair much anymore, it's nice that I have a new defenseless victim to experiment on.  Here we also see how the baby just can't seem to concept the drinking from water cups that she steals off of nearby surfaces.  Some other news & thoughts & then I have to Scram:  But, I can't really think cuz it's really loud here at the moment.  So I think I will end things here and now.  Good Day to YOU.

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