Friday, July 30, 2010

My baby love...

Babies grow in a blink of an eye. Seasons fly by. Once upon a time, there was time. Yes, our moments are fleeting...and no, we don't always savor them....but we must breathe them, be IN them and believe in them, for they are ours and they are us. I am so Blessed and in Love with so much in this life. I don't always appreciate or see all that I have...but I try. I try to remember what matters and what does not. I try to keep going when I want to quit. I seek to laugh and find joy in everyday even though sometimes it is challenging to say the least. This life is hard. No one promised it to be easy. There is alot we can be mad, angry and sad about...but I hope that I keep remembering to choose what to focus on, who to think about and how to be. I like this road that I walk upon. I hope I leave some footprints behind, pick many flowers along the way and see all of the sunshine up ahead...The livy monster is crabby as I type so I must go. I will try and update our latest happenings very soon. (I have a few recipes and thoughts and photos to share). :)

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