Friday, August 06, 2010

IOWA...where the cool people go.

Isabelle picked a magic 8 ball from the Toy Store. We got to listen to her ask it questions for the remainder of the trip. We were forced to ask it questions too. Quite often we got the same replies....weird.
Ben choose this as his Toy from the toy shop. He told us he was a Knight of the Square table.

When we got to our first hotel, ben couldn't wait to unload his cars back pack and properly hang up his wardrobe. He really got inside of his task.

The kids were thrilled that the hotel left us a little package on the bed that included a sleeping mask, ear plugs and room scent mist.

The husband was on vacation this week so we decided to skip to my lou to Iowa for a short & sweet family getaway. Sure, not the most exciting place on earth...but a quick, not too far road trip escape for a few days...just the 5 of us. We visited Cedar Rapids, Amana Colonies and swung by Field of Dreams on the way home. The time went fast but was very much needed. We dined at new and fun places (every place we went the kids told the waitress, this is the best food ever!), got to see a lot of handcrafted items and even saw some real edible crickets in the chocolate shop. Noah and I got to do some wine tasting and we met some really nice and interesting people while we were out and about. Ben flirted with all the elderly and Isabelle danced and spinned all along the way. Olivia just went with the flow (really what choice did she have?). Some moments I remember from this trip, the good the bad the ugly: Ben accidently biting his finger instead of his lunch while in maid-rite, Ben telling the waitress that we went on vacation to get away from the dog, Isabelle thinking we must be in Ireland as we passed the Mississippi river, Isabelle thinking it must be salty water because she is sure she saw a shark, Ben getting excited when we went in a jewerly shop and announcing that he wanted to buy his wife a pair of earrings, the kids not knowing what a record is...and I think that is about it at the moment because I have some more pics to post!

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