Monday, July 05, 2010

FINtastic Adventure

The fishermans (and girl) sitting on the dock of the bay.
3 stooges with poles and bait walk to the lake.

Olivia enjoying one of her many "cat" naps while the family fished the afternoon away.
The woods where I spotted a Gnome. (o.k., I did not spot a Gnome ((this time)), but I did collect moss for a terrerium that I want to create. I have dreams.
One of the victims. No fish were killed during this FINtastic adventure. Well, maybe accident...possibly. It is not certain. We must move on...

It rained on us just a smidge today, but that wasn't really so bad. Nice afternoon out by the watering hole at the neck of the woods. Good times. I didn't even over- pack like I usually do. The picnic was pleasant. Kids really enjoyed themselves. We kept pretty low key this holiday weekend, so it was nice for the grand finale to be to get away today for a little bit. Just relaxing with hardly any cares in the world. The highlight of this trip was when Isabelle decided to pee in the woods is exactly the rare (or rear) time that a vehicle drove by. The worst part of the journey was when I dropped Olivia's favorite Bink underneath the car at an almost impossible spot and I had to crawl underneath on the gravel and all to retrieve it.
Ben just snuck into my bedroom to try and sleep in our bed. He brings with him curious george. oh also today, we brought my car into the shop. Almost 500.00 later, my car (brakes) is fixed. JOY. Oh well, I am very grateful that my car is repaired and does not make horrible noises anymore. We are almost out of milk. Hope there is enough milk for the Cherrios in the morning. Noah got the wrong kind of Cherrios, I was hoping the kids wouldn't have noticed that there is no Honey Nut, that they are just plain, but they noticed. Next time I need to be more specific in regards to my request. It happens. goodnight. :)

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