Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Painting..Do You Believe?

12" x 12" Stretched Canvas - Acrylic
This painting was so fun to create, but it's not finished yet! It is waiting to be personalized. I am selling this as a custom wall art. The person who purchases it just tells me what they want written in the cloud...a name, a word, a short saying...the SKY is the limit with this one. :)

Ugh, I feel sick, this heat is truly making me ill. I need a pina colada (or 2) to cool off. I think that might do the trick. This morning Noah went to FARMER & FEET (according to Ben) and got the kids some baseball/softball equipment. Ben has not put down his bat all day and Isabelle can't believe that her daddy found her a pink and purple glove with glitter to boot. We are having steaks on the grill, sweet potatoes and green beans for the evening meal. Since I have been painting, I have tons of cleaning house to do...I really don't know where to start so maybe I should just Let It Be as some guys once sang. Stay cool my friends.

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