Sunday, July 11, 2010

and a great gray wolf...

pounced out from behind a blackberry bush! This is a journal that I made featuring an altered storybook page of Little Red Riding Hood. The journal is really cool. It is folded pages that are bound together that individually open into circles the size of a cd.
A set of Alice In Wonderland Bookmarks that I made.
Bookmarks are such a fancy invention aren't they?

This is how my son plays baseball. He runs outside with his (dad's too big) mitt, a special signed by Baby Ruth (story in a previous post) baseball, and his FOOTBALL helmet. These days he is constantly asking everyone to play baseball with him.

We've got HONEY! I must admit that at the first knowledge of my husband's desire for beekeeping, it was really not my interest and infact, I was not fond of the idea at all. I was afraid we would all get stung by swarms of angry flying objects...yet, Noah is the only one who has gotten stung so far (and he doesn't seem to mind, plus now he has the special suit of protection) and now that we have HONEY , I am quickly growing SWEET to the idea...cuz it is gOOd Honey! Yum! As you can see from the pic, the little fingers of the children couldn't wait to swipe some up. We canned a little bit and that's all we can do for now, the rest has to remain with the hives for the time being (as to not to disturb). Now, I realize what all the fuss was about from Winnie the Pooh and licking his honey jars. In the future we have plans (hopefully) to sell some honey and maybe make some soaps, candles etc out of it. I think we should name it: BeeSki Honey.

Green Beans, Green Beans, Green Beans...this is only one bucket of several picked in the last few days. As we picked, cleaned, cut, blanched and froze all the millions of beans, I started to think, hey it would have been much more time consuming and easier to buy these suckers from the store...but, I am sure once I am eating them I will appreciate their supergardeness. Poor News to Report: Something has been eating our cucumbers and zuchinni. We will be lucky to get a little of either. I guess when you live right next to a wooded area, there may be lots of animals who are thrilled beyond the moon that you decided to plant a garden for them to rummage through in the wee hours of the eve and morn. Now only if they would have ate some of the green beans instead...
This morning everyone is still sleeping, except Child #3 is now stirring as she is realizing that it is time to wake up and be cute. Happy Sunday!

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