Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Boy...

Should I be concerned that my son enjoys doing things like this to his beloved stuff animals? I was told when he stomped on the toad that it was "normal" for a lad to do such a thing...and I suppose this is quite "normal" as well...but it just brings me to the thoughts of how raising girls and raising boys is such a different ball game. Ben is constantly surprising me (and shocking me) with the things he comes up with to pass the time. His childhood is defitnely filled with imagination and experiment around every corner. Most of his antics and creations bring a smile to my heart, but he certainly has his WiLd side. I'd say he's a little boy through and through, from the dirt on his nose to his untied shoe laces. Thanks to Ben, I am discovering a whole new world that I really had no clue about. I am even learning to enjoy "playing baseball" and reading stories about trains and superheros. As my baby boy is approaching 4 years old next month, I just keep thinking how blessed I am by his passion and his creativity...his laughter and his big blue eyes. I love that he still wants to go to bed each night with his "blankie cow" and some milkies (milk in a sippy cup). I want to keep him little forever...but of course I can not, I can only savor these moments of sticky hands around my neck and a trail of toys, trouble and laughter wherever he goes.

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