Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hand Painted Glass & rambling.

I am painting glass like crazy. I need to stop the art and start sweeping up some dog hair. (I swear lance is shedding like a maniac in this heat, it is a wonder there is any hair left to shed, yet everyday every moment theres some more - joy). Anywho...theres really not much to report. Today has been humid and yuk and I have been mostly painting and cleaning. Our fish is still alive. Our garden is now giving us: green beans (noah made this really good dish with them last night...just sautee them in bacon and onion with some pepper and a little butter and call it a side. Awesome. I should have went outside to pick more beans today and protest the groundhogs revival ,but I'm still waiting on Mary Poppins to fly in and take the children to the park for an outing. Except their kites have been un-operable since Easter so it's probably for the best. Looks like rain yet it doesnt. Don't ever buy AJAX dish soap. The bubbles disapear way too fast. It's really disappointing. Well, I've got a fussy bucket on my hands and a soapy bucket at my feet. Go now, Seek Happy nights & Happy days.

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