Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bittersweet October

My favorite month has finally arrived! So far it has been a wet & windy one...but none the is a grand one! I started getting out a few decorations...but I am missing quite a lot...I think they must be in storage somewhere along with my sweaters....

Seriously, how fun are Halloween decorations? I just love them! And not the super scary freaky ones...but the whimsical wonderful ones! Also...I can't get enough Halloween ideas from magazines....although I am not hosting a party...I still enjoy looking through all the recipes and ideas.... endless inspiration.

The kids costume plans are still in the works. Nothing set. I am having a hard time finding what I need, but I think it will all come together...It always does!

I am not buying any Halloween Candy this year until near distribution time. I have really developed a sweet tooth with this pregnancy so I am keeping that temptation at bay...otherwise there will be no candy for the trick o treaters when they come to my door and I will have to whip pennies at them.

Speaking of cravings...adversions.... I LOVE my morning coffee...but honestly the thought and the smell of it has totally made me I am switichng back and forth in the morning between Hot Chocolate and Teas. How heartwarming is a cup of either of these choices? Who knows maybe I will even stick with this change...but maybe not.

I am so thankful that Saturday has arrived and we have no requirements. I feel like we have been running around like maniacs all week. Lots of errands, events and busyness. <-- Can't think if that's a word or not... Exciting news on the home front: This week we used our new fireplace a few times! It was wonderful (besides the fact that we have to sit on the floor because we have no furniture in that room)...but on an even better note....We ordered couches from the new Slumberland that opened in town. They are due here within the next two weeks. So excited about actually having furniture in that room! whoah. Learned not to take the kids to a furniture store especially after they had some sugar. Wow...they were like Mexican jumping beans...except they are not Mexican as far as I know. Jumps...climbing and somersaults all over the joint. Next time I think we'll leave them in the car.

Our new windows (for the kitchen and bedrooms) have arrived at menards and we will be installing them this weekend (I hope!). I cannot even explain how wonderful it is to be in a house that has proper working heat and installation. So bring on the cold weather...that's fine by me.

I will leave you with a funny from this week. Ben and I visited a local establishment (a cookie store downtown) and when we came in the door , Ben took his coat off; looked around for somewhere to hang it and asked the owner, " You got any Hookers here?". The End.

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