Friday, October 30, 2009

Cowboy Ben

The day had finally arrived...the sun came up in the west and this little cowboy finally got to put his gear on...the class Halloween Party was about to take place.

Where's me horse?

Special Treat time at the Party.

I got to help with the party, it was so much fun! There is nothing more sweet than seeing a bunch of preschoolers in Halloween cosutmes....Princesses, cowboys, cowgirl, frankenstein, robot, dorothy, little red ridinghood, witch, batman, pirate.

I feel like Halloween has been going for a week straight already and we still have not gotten to the main event. We are trying to stay healthy and well rested and also keep the treats & sweets at a managable level. Today is Isabelle's class party. She is an Indian ((I took pictures at her dance class party but they didnt turn out well at all due to lightening so I will try and get some today)). I still have to get the cowboy and indian together...hopefully some nice outdoor pics. I keep on forgetting, I need to get our Halloween music out! I am defitnely in the mood for some Monster Mash and Time Warp! We are thrilled that Aunt Mary is coming out later today to spend the weekend with us. Halloween day, we are hoping for decent weather....get some trick or treating accomplished and then come home for Chili. Then....we can start focusing on the next holiday: Turkey Day!

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