Sunday, October 18, 2009

The sUn is shining on a SuNdAy

Finally some living room furniture.
This room will be a mixture of new & old. The couches are new. But, this table although we just bought it, is kind of like a rustic/primative type piece (I really don't know how to describe it, I just know I love it). p.s. I love our new super comfortable couches, I hated the throw pillows in the store, they are reversable to the plain side...but honestly I kind of wonder if they are somewhat growing on me...i figure I can always throw them off.

Still some finishing trim woodwork/shelves to complete, rug & curtains to add...but coming together. the biggest challenge of the new couches is keeping the DOG OFF. It is a constant battleship if you know what I mean.

I finally got the power drill out and hung a few items on the walls (a shelf for Isabelle). I am still holding off on decorating for the most part until the window trim and rest of the furniture is placed...but I couldn't help to at least start putting a few things up.

For some reason, I couldn't get this amazing art work to rotate, so I decided not to get frustrated and just to leave it as you can get "the picture". Isabelle brought home this colorful wonder from school friday, I asked what it was, she said "a poisoned ant!". I asked if she had to draw a poisoned ant and she said no, that she wanted to. Some girls draw butterflies, mine: a poisoned ant.

I had a very successful shopping day on Friday. Not only did I finish off the kids halloween costumes (finding moccasins & cowboy boots ((in which ben will not take off)), but I also found a super winter coat for Isabelle and I even got our seasonal Pumpkins too.

Yesterday an AMERICAN GIRL catalog came in the mail. Isabelle has not put it down since the arrival. Well, what perfect timing since she has been telling me for weeks that what she wants for Christmas is an American Girl. I've been answering millions of questions such as: Can I name her anything I want, do they come with freckles? Can I ask for the bed too? Why do some have dogs? etc, etc. etc. She has an AG bitty baby that she loves, but now she says she is ready for the girl size doll. Ben wants roller skates for Christmas.

Ben asked me out of the blue last night, "Do you want me to run away with my new shoes?" I answered "No, Ben I don't". He responded, " Fine then, don't be mad at me!". (honestly I don't know where this conversation came from).

So, today awaits. Got to make some breakfast for the troops. I think we are skipping church today, since Noah is going to go chop wood and I don't feel really great and don't want to drag the kids by my lonesome...that is a challenge I don't want to take on this a.m. I think I may make enchiladas for dinner tonight. There is much to get ready for the new starting week. Busy week ahead. Happy Sunday!

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