Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Halloween Journal

I am so inspired to start making journals & books again. I made this Halloween themed one last night. Simple yet fun. I am seriously thinking about selling some of my stuff again also. I miss it. I might try to start making an inventory of some items (books, cards, etc) and put them online and see how it goes...or maybe have an open house for the holidays if I get enough stuff made. I have so many new ideas that I want to try. I know I go back and forth with this...but I am really feeling like its time to start making stuff again. Even if there is a big hole/tube through my studio room roof (new fireplace vent).

Misc. updates:
This morning I had a dr. appt. All went well. Heard the heartbeat and I am not due back there for an entire month. :)
Ben and I got haircuts this morning. Well overdue. Thought we better get it done since he has school pics tomorrow.
Isabelle has been sick on and off lately. She felt good today so I sent her to school. She has brownies today too, so I will be picking her up in about an hour.
Ben is napping (what a glorious gift).
The sun is beautiful today.
We are invited to the inlaws for dinner, so no cooking for me tonight - whoah!
Noah has been baking bread alot lately. latest experiment: cinnamon rolls this morning.
My mom has found most of the stuff we need for the kids costumes this year, we are so excited. Can't wait to put together the Cowboy & Indian (princess)!
Noah told me the other night that he seriously likes the name: Napoleon if it's a boy. To humor him , I will lightly pencil it in on the list next to Ben's suggestion of Taco.
I hate Dishes. I am sick of Dishes. (sorry just had to vent).
Maybe we will get some pumpkins this weekend and a hay bale or two would be nice also.
It's been too cold and I have been too lazy to fill the birdfeeders seems like whenever I think about it, the winds are whipping and I don't want to go out there. I hope the birds stick around with the hope and belief that I will feed them.
I suppose I've rambled a plenty. Have a SUPER rest of the day.

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