Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eat an Acorn!

o.k.....so I had to share this super adorable easy fun treat that I made this morning! My friends and I were going to walk in the woods, so I thought this would be perfect for the event at hand. I found this idea on a site called : little Nummies...and I believe, that she got it from another blog that is listed on there. These acorns are so easy to make! Get mini Nilla Wafer cookies...slap them on a hersey kiss with either frosting or peanut butter, top it off with a little swirl..and you are good to go! Give it a try, so cute and fun...oh and they taste great too!


stephanie said...

Acorns are awesome - I'm totally stealing your idea (and of course will credit you).

Love the "photo mojo" phrase from previous post. Will likely steal that one too!

Anonymous said...

Will make some acorns for company. thanks for sharing. Anything easy is up my alley. XO aunt chris