Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rain & Puppet

The rain has been non-stop here. I don't mind the rain...but now I think I am ready for it to halt for a bit. Serioulsy it feels like we are living in Seattle. Maybe my husband should start building the Ark. Everything is Wet , wet, wet and dreary. I think I have to stop using the extra spider-man umbrella and invest in a real adult sized one. Speaking of nature, I am sad to see that most of the leaves seem to be falling off of the trees already. gone. No, I am not ready to let go yet! Can I sew, tape, glue or staple them back on? Seriously, just stay a bit longer. It's not time yet! Please wait around for a little while longer! I know that I should have appreciated you more while you were here. I knew that you wouldn't be staying. But, now that you are going away...I have a hard time accepting it...I just can't help but think that we need more quality time together. You should know that I'll miss you dearly.

Isabelle the silly singing puppeteer. Recently Isabelle made a witch puppet in Brownies, that she absolutely loves. Every day we have been getting a musical show. Isabelle has really been making me smile lately....with her imagination. She is singing and dancing and pretending about with her pigtails swinging in the air as she skips on by...and she reminds me of someone. I remember feeling and being how she is right now. I can picture the thoughts in her head as she goes about her play. I anticipate what she will say and do next as if it was coming out of my own noggin. She has been writing sentances in her journal, and drawing animals on her note pad....and pretending to lead school and church with her books in hand (o.k. class, turn to page 4...). Another joy that I have been experiencing latley, is watching Isabelle and Ben playing together lately. Helping eachother. Hugging and Loving eachother (don't get me wrong of course they fight too), but focusing on their postive actions, it melts my heart. I hear them tell eachother that they love eachother, I see them help eachother zip their coats and share snacks...I listen to their laughter. Their laughter is enough to take away any yuk from the day and let me just enjoy what is going on in the moment. Sometimes it is hard for me to concept that we will be welcoming a new family member in the spring. This new little person is going to have his/her special place in our home and hearts..and is going to create a whole new world for us. This baby is a blessing and I know that I can't wait to meet this amazing gift. I must admit that lately I have been having some anxiety about the changes that will come about...wondering how we will adjust and manage it all. I think feeling so sick has a lot to do with my reservations...but, I also know that we will somehow do it , it might not be easy but it will be wonderful. I believe in this. Sorry to get all mush and sappy, I think I will pour myself a big bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Cinnamon and begin the day! Happy Saturday...don't forget to take some time and watch the leaves fall and listen to the laughter.

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