Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Ben

Ben wanted me to take a picture of him wearing his new cowboy boots. I thought hey, perfect opportunity for a mini inpromptu outdoor fall photo shoot. I will throw the kid in a sweater and find some leaves to drop on him in and place him by a pumpkin...well it was a great idea except for the fact that lancelot the wonder dog sensed we were outside and barked the whole entire fricken time. I could not concentrate on our photos at all. The dog made me completely mental with his barking and whining. ugh. I had no photo mojo. (so excuse the cars and such in the background, it was not my plan). We could barely feed the birds on this beautiful day before I called it quits and ran for the inside away from the dog. The chaos was unsettling to say the least. SOrry I had to vent. I must admit that this is one of those days that I wish the dog would just run away. So not in the mood. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics of my beautiful baby boy in his boots. hehe

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