Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Sunday Round-up.

 Olivia just loves to torture Lance.  Here she put some of her blankets on him.
 Snow baby .  When I tried to get her off of her sled and back in the house after we had spent a good amount of time in the winter wonderland....she pointed her finger at me and yelled:  No!  that got her a few more minutes, a few more times. 
 Here is a proud creation by Isabelle , Ben and a neighbor friend. 
 One of my recent paintings:  Rainbow Tree. 
 I was very inspired to paint this yesterday after watching Olivia play with a balloon that Ben brought home from a birthday party.  She giggled the whole time.  She told it to:  up up go up.... (she LOVES the painting, it is now hanging in her room. hehe)
 My winter bird viewing lately inspired this painting.  I have been seeing a lot of juncos and cardinals all merged together.  I call these: Poker Trio.
 We have been cooking so many new meals latley.  Changing things up a bit.  This is one Ive been cooking for a bit, it is part of the process of Shepherd's Pie (when I make this , there is none left).  This is potatoe-less.  Instead blended cauliflower is used...and it's awesome!
This (paleo) dish was amazing!  Coffee Rub Pot Roaast and Baked Bacon Brussells Sprouts.  I have been so proud of myself latley....the things I have been cooking.  Wow, you follow a recipe and it works!  Other things we have tried lately that are all successes for the most part:  Greek Meatballs, Ginger Beef with Mango, Scallops & Sauted Spinach,  Spaghetti Zucchini, crustless pizza.  This meal planning, big grocery shopping in the beginning of the week has been working really well for us.  This morning we plan this upcoming week.. (it is a flexible plan , depending on how things go).  Then Noah goes out and gets everything we need (meal ingredients, school lunches, snacks, basics) and we are pretty much set.    Painting - I have been enjoying a little painting time at the end of this week and I have a few I need to get done for custom requests.  I've got such wonderful support from friends, family and it has been amazing.  I feel so blessed to be able to paint when I can and when a painting touches someone...that is my favorite part.  I need to update my website (the link on the side of this blog), I haven't in a long while.  I've been trying to put some pics on here and some on my facebook artist's page...but I don't have everything organized and up I need to work on that.  Homefront news...We have decided it best to wait on the chickens til march.  hehe.  That's o.k., we have enough turkey's around here anyway.  School will be very busy this week.  It's catholic schools week and 100 day of school...lots of activities.  Also I will be planning the Valentine's Party for Ben's class.  I got so many wonderful volunteering parents to help with things...I just need to get my act together and organize, tasks and needs.  All the dishes in this kitchen are whispering to me as I type "I'm dirty, wash me, I'm not going away, you can't throw me away, I will wait here..put some soap in the sink...).  Ugh.   Happy Sunday!

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