Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random just because...I am.

 Olivia decided that she would fry up some chicken for dinner.
 Found this book under our kitchen table after dinner tonight...with cottage cheese all over it.  Quite appropriate. 
 Right after school today, Ben made me make him a viking hat.  It wasn't staying on so he tied his bandana on it as well.   Olivia always jumps into a picture any chance she gets.  She bats her eyes and sways.  Yesterday Ben was a ninja turtle.  I wonder what he will be tomorrow.
 Winter Woodland friends. ...squirrels have to eat too...I keep telling myself as they help themselves to the bird's grub.
Isabelle working on handwriting homework tonight as I prepared dinner.  (bunless hamburgers, cottage cheese and PeAs).

So, a big storm is brewing supposedly.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  The kids are now waiting for me to read to them (after we get the baby to bed).  Last night we started LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We are all really enjoying it.  Today I made a lapbook for us to go along with it.  A lapbook is a learning tool that is a fun interactive way to review and recall and discuss the item you are studying.  Ill take a pic of it later on in life when we get it all filled out.  Isabelle's horse folder is falling apart.  I should tape it.  Olivia likes to put Ben's batman underwear on.  I have set up the potty for her, now I have to properly introduce her to it instead of her putting the bath toys in it.  U2 is on my ipod.  The dog is barking. ugh.  Must go retrieve him.  Wish me luck.  I must lure him inward with a piece of bacon.  Well , the children are waiting.  Good Night & God Bless.

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