Thursday, January 05, 2012

small things great love

 Olivia's new best friend (from Aunt Elaine).
 One of my newest paintings.  It makes me feel happy. :)
So, I know I have a ton of updating to do and lots of photos to share but for now, for this very moment...I just want to say good morning.  I hope your new year is starting off on the right and left feet.  I have jumped into this new time frame with so many ideas, projects, expectations, goals, plans....but it is all good, it is all exciting.  Lots of wonderful things surrounding me these days.  Want to embrace it all.  One breath at a time.  I tell myself to breathe.  So, as I sip my coffee and everyone else in the house slumbers, I plan my day.  I think about how it is so amazing...the paths that God leads you on.  Places that you have never expected.  I think about how much I love this soft plum colored robe that my mom got me for Christmas.  I look out the window and hope I see a unicorn...or at least a cardinal or a bunny.  I think about how I will miss the Christmas tree once it is taken down, how I love looking at the lights at night, but how I look forward to the clutter of it all to be gone.  I wish I had more bookshelves.  There are never enough homes for these gems.  I wonder why I keep filling the bird feeders, when the squirrels just invade them immediately.  I guess I figure they must eat as well.  There must have been at least a hundred crows settled in the tops of the trees by our house the other day.  It was quite awesome to see.  Is there anything more exciting then filling out a new calendar for a fresh new year?  Well anything besides, splashing ideas and color on a blank white canvas?  Out with the old, in with the new...and that is my current goal.....organizing and decluttering the home front.  Way too much stuff is lingering around these days.  Stuff without purpose or place.  I am quite thankful that I have a purpose and a place.  Have a beautiful day.

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