Tuesday, January 24, 2012

birds, baking, books

Found this pic online (pinterest) and I absolutely LOVE it.  Brings joy straight to my heart. so funny.   I just love when our library system works for me!  Sometimes dragging the children into the library , upstairs (don't like to take the stroller in the elevator with the homeless people if I don't have to), and then having the youngin's not so patiently wait while I search for my titles....is one of the most torturous tasks on the planet...so when I can look something up online and put it on hold, be notified when its ready/in and then go pick it up at the front desk...that is a wonderful thing.  I wasn't even annoyed to pay my 80 cent fine today, that's how happy I was. I am So excited about some of the books that I picked up today!  Got to keep them away from Olivia so she doesn't add color (crayon drawings) to them.  Of course, one of the gross parts about library books....as wonderful as the system is...the gross part is opening one up to find obvious food or something else type stains...and it totally grosses you out...makes you want to put surgical gloves on or just return it into the book drop and speed away.  Well, I noticed some kind of Cheetos stain on one of the books and all I can say is geez people!!!! do we really have to eat Cheetos as we read a library book?  seriously.  what the frick is going on in your head when you put that combination together?  anywho...I just baked the most awesome dessert/treat/snack and I can't wait for the kids to try it after school.  Not only is it super yum but its pretty darn good for you as well.  It is coconut milk custard.  I found the recipe on line and I am in love.  I have some funny pics of Olivia eating it.  So funny.  I must scoot, as I have to shovel my way out through toys and household items and such now laying in my pathway.  Olivia has been quite the busy girl today.

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