Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paintings on display

Hey local friends, some of my paintings are up on display through the art museum at FHN/Burchard until Feb. 24th.  Go check it out if you get a chance!  I'd love to hear what you think.  I need to get over there.  The kids are very excited to see them (and I am too).   Ugh, I just woke up feeling very dizzy and sick.  I drank some water and ate two cuties (the best little snack in the world - seedless, easy peel, sweet , mini oranges).  Hoping the combo of those things help.  I think it's dress up day at school today, I need to check into that.  I wonder if I have anything to make for lunches.  I hear that snow is supposed to come tomorrow.  The kids will be thrilled.   Better put gas in my car today and find my gloves.  hehe  I have a horrible wonderful new addiction...I have been visiting the used book store in town.  Problem:  Olivia.  She doesnt let me stay long and she is quite horrific the whole time we are there so I can barely think or look.  If she's in the stroller she screams (unsatisfied with snacks, drinks, looking at nearby books) - If I let her loose, she hightails it as far away from me as possible, giggling the whole time in which of course I cannot look at books, but need to chase her instead.  There's even coloring there, but she takes no part in it.  She does try to rearrange all of the shelves though.  It's kind of nightmarish to tell the truth...but I torture myself anyway, because I so desperately want to see what gems that I can find in this paper & word filled wonderland.  Speaking of Olivia, I was at Joann's getting paint the other day and while waiting in line, she decided to whip a bottle of paint that was in my cart.  It landed between the cashier and an elderly customer.  Gave us all quite a fright.  Luckily they laughed about it, probably because they were in shock or just so relieved because they were not injured by the projectile merchandise.  Oh, sweet little Olivia. 

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