Monday, January 09, 2012

4amish ramble

Pictured:  Miss O sneakily wearing Ben's cowboy boots.  I wish I could sleep but I can't.  I decided that I couldn't lay in bed anymore swimming in my head with all my thoughts that were going nowhere.  So, I got up at 4ish.  This weekend flew by like a migrating bird.  Where did it go?  Swoosh...gone!  What did we do?  not much.  hit the library and hung out at home mostly.  I've been reading a book that I quite enjoy:  Folks, this ain't normal by Joel Salatin.  It's about the food industry...and also about local farming.  How people need to get back to the basics...including homecooking and homesteading.   The weather has been so mild it hardly feels like winter.  In fact the kids had so much energy, I had them go outside yesterday in sweatshirts and run around the house , etc.  I think they came back in with even more energy. hehe.  Olivia's new favorite thing is to take off her clothes...and her diaper.  I think It might be time to see if I still have the "childrens" potty lurking in the basement.  She's been such a doll lately...well besides all her usual adventureness that leads her to trouble.  I tried a new recipe yesterday.  It's a healthy snack that I found online.  Isabelle, Noah and I love it.  Olivia, it's hard to tell since she threw hers on the floor, it could have been a mishap, it could have been intential, Ben did not like it, or so he says (since there are raisins in it).  It is a simple thing...3 ingredients:  almonds (1 cup), raisins (1 cup) and cinnamon (1 teaspoon).  rinse the a and r, put them in the blender with the c , make them into little balls.   I have renamed them:  Powerballs.  Yesterday, Ben got in trouble quite a few times.  Once for kicking Isabelle with his cowboy boot on, once for shooting her in the back with his nerf gun, once for shooting my lamp with his nerf gun...once for taking all his clothes off (wonder where Olivia gets that from) and climbing all the furniture like a monkey, several times for tooting and burping at meals (typical boy so instilled in this child), once for tying his lasso rope to my table and pulling it....and I am sure more things that my brain is choosing to ignore.  Like I said, way so much energy.  Ben is amazing me with his great drawing lately.  Santa got him a special sketchbook and he is filling it up with lots of wonderfulness.  Isabelle saw a great idea in he American Girl doll magazine, so we tried it this weekend and all her dreams came true.  She is so excited.  It is pink embroidery floss wrapped around a braid in her hair.  She loves the flare.  I kind of like it as well.  hey, I might even try it , it might hide some gray.  So, we are thinking about getting a few chickens...start them out as chicks in the basement...and then build them a nice little safe home outside a little later on.  I must say I'm kind of excited, we have wanted to do this for a long time and it would be a great way to get us started, just doing it on a very small scale.  Call me crazy, I don't is crazy.  I wish my glasses prescription was up to date, because when I wear them it seems I am hindered in my vision capabilities.  I am hoping to work on some thank you cards this week, for gifts that have been sent and given to the children.  This week, some of my paintings will be begin being displayed in a gallery of a local building through our arts center/museum.  I am excited but also somewhat disappointed with myself because I wanted to have more pieces made, more to choose from to display instead of just sending what I had left.  With the Christmas season, I gave away some as gifts, which I am thrilled to the moon, because the people I gave them to were meant to have then.  But, I never got around to making anything new.  But , that's o.k. and in the words of my mom:  it is what it is.  I pray that the display goes well and that my paintings might touch a few people with a smile in their hearts.  So, I guess I should go do something as it is nearly 5 am. he he  (come evening I will be spent).  Be good, be brave, and have a lovely day.

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