Saturday, February 04, 2012

Embracing it all.

 It was Catholic Schools Week at school and each day the kids could dress up for a different theme.  This was ethnic/Heritage type day.  Olivia felt the need to jump into the picture as well, even though she apparently wasn't dressed for it. :)
 For Career day, Isabelle was an Artist and Ben was a Cowboy.  (I know , big surprise on both counts, hehe)
 Here's my little snuggle bear being a ham bone since I had the camera in hand.
 Isabelle plays alot of pretend at home.  This is a binder of hers that holds some important STUFF.  I love the combination of content.
This is an awesome meal that I made this week.  It is dry rub burgers (paleo) and Yummy Yam Spears.  The burgers have a little bit of a spice to them and the Yam Spears were amazing (who needs fries?).  We all loved them, there were none left (baked with misc. spices and coconut oil).

Olivia is crying as I type this (5 ish in the a.m.).  My battery is dying.  I must be quick at this moment.  This week has been crazy busy.  I will update more soon (hopefully later today!).  Good Saturday Morning!

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