Sunday, June 05, 2011

Life in these here parts

crazy busy weekend.  the children are out and about and in and under, above and within, the children.  Have I ever shared what my most unfavorite part of the day is?  It is cleaning up dinner.  I dread this part of the evening.  I don't know why....but I do.  Everyone else leaves the premises and there I am alone with the mess.  They are off relaxing and having fun, I stand there with the leftovers...with the spills, with the crumbs and the stains, with dirt....and the dread.   I try to change my feelings...I truly know that it is not so up the dinner mess.  I know I should be thankful that I have a wonderful family to clean up after...that we have good food to share and a roof to share it under.....but, I am just being honest....I can't stand this part of the day.  It makes me sad and tired.   Today I have turnips and beets and squash to clean up...among other things.   The dog is whining.  I put him in the bedroom because I can't stand him at my feet as I clean up.  Guess what?  I haven't really cleaned up yet.  I came here to the computer and I began typing.   So that task at hand taunts me in this evening hour.  I know it's there.  Unfinished and waiting for me.  I know it is not going anywhere.  But, I delay it for a few moments.  I'm hot and like I said the dog is whining.  Sometimes I want to put thedog in a burlap bag and drive him to the nearest lagoon, but honestly...I don't even have a burlap basically impossible.   Have you ever tried to take a decent picture of 3 children all looking at you and smiling?  Can I confirm to you that I find that challenge a bit impossible, challenging to say the least.  If I put the dog on the table, maybe he will eat all the leftovers and I wont have to clean it up...yet again he will probably break the dishes, throw up and leave the turnips anyway.  Not my best plan I must admit.  I do plan to incorporate paper plates more often though...and my dish dishsoap clearly states that it is the scent of:  New Zealand in spring.  How am I supposed to trust that this is true?  Earlier I stated something to Benjamin (the young lad in the family) and I told him "that's FYI" and he said, what's fyi and I said, Ive told you before and he said, oh yeah "FOR YOUR IMAGINATION".  Yes, Ben basically, you are correct...imagination, information - really truly what is the difference?  Well, I suppose I should venture into the kitchen area to confront the horrilbe that awaits.  There is no way around it.  I want to sit here and read magazines and drink wine....but that's not in the cards and I don't even play cards so that makes it even more unlikely.  Until we meet again....may you believe that your far off country smelling dish soap will lead you to a better land.  ;)

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Susan S said...

Ha ha! I really like the idea of putting the dog on the table. Not only would he clean up the left-overs but he could lick the plates clean. All you have to do is stop back later to put them in the cupboard! EEEwww...did I cross a line there? I do that tooo often.