Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tea Horse Rambling

 Surprise Tea Party waiting for Grandma to arrive.
Horse Riding.
How beautiful is this morning?  The sun, the slight breeze, the birds.  What gifts.  Simple, yet not.  Simple to appreciate if taken notice.  Easy to miss if not.  I have one vent this morning and then I will move on with positivities.  The vent is as follows:  I am so sick and tired of picking up other peoples (and when I say peoples, I don't mean just children, I mean adults as well) garbage (not even messes, but actual garbage including especially:  popsicle wrappers, chewed gum and the remainders of a seeded watermelon).  Disqusting.  O.k., so we move on.... I am trying to fight a slight saddness that seems to be seeping into my heart the last few days.  I am trying to focus not on numbers (ex: facebook friends, scale, bank account, etc), but on HeArt and love and goodness and sweetness, because GOD knows that I am blessed with so much of that amazing content in my life.  I must remember that in what may look like a hopeless situation, that there is hope.  I must not give up and must keep trying and showing kindness that maybe it will make a difference in someones life afterall and maybe that will matter in the big picture.  Right now I am praying for a little girl (not my little girl) who seems to have a very naughty nature and angry and at times mean heart.  This makes me so sad, and as frustrated as I get, I must remember she is a child and what my purpose, influence ...Heart...can possibly do if I don't give up on showing love.  I do find it extremily challenging and tiring, but I know I just need to take deep breaths and keep trying the best that I can. I need to try harder.  Today I focus on the beauty of the day.  I focus on the smiles and hugs that I constantly get from my children who are so filled with love and light.  I want to attempt to create some art today.  I can already feel the paint running through my veins.  I must remember to take steaks out of the freezer for the evening meal.  I found Olivia naked in her crib yesterday saying: hi , hi, hi.  She took off every stich of clothes including her diaper and threw them over the edge.  The children are getting too big too fast.  Summer is running away.  Time is slipping away.  Lightening bugs are out.  (not at the moment but last night).  I am having a problem with my eyes/contacts.  I need to get in to dr. soon and find out what is going on.  The newest issue of Life: Beautiful magazine arrived in the mail the other day (thanks to a beyond awesome friend!) and it is an excellent issue that I got much out of.  My goal today is to make the children feel extra special and loved today.  I will extend many smiles and try to say as many YES's as I can to requests.  I plan to do minimal cleaning just to get by today because honestly there is not time in the day for it all.  I hope the guy comes to cut the grass looks like a jungle out there.  The garden is producing snap peas now which is super.  Ben only wants to wear sleeveless shirts these days so he can show his big muscles. We were blessed with garden fresh picked strawberries from our sweet.  I hear singing from the bedroom, they have risen for the day (they sleep later when I drug them with a fan).  May your Saturday be bright and peaceful.  Good Day to YOU.

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