Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chocolate Milk

Greetings.  For some reason I can not load the images that I wanted to my post right now.  I was going to show you a cute baby and a new painting or two.  I was even gonna maybe show you 2 cats fighting (I took a pic cuz your really dont see that everyday).  So maybe next time I post it will be operating correctly.  Let the rambling begin:  Have I complained to you about my lavendar smelling kitchen garbage bags yet?  Well, let me just say that I have discovered that the instilled lavendar smell, smells worse than the garbage!  Makes me wanna puke everytime I come near them.  I think I have like 30 somthing bags left to use.  joy.  I let Isabelle have a sleepover with a friend last night.  The girls had so much fun and it brought back tons of memories for me...when I was young many moons ago.  I might get some time to myself (well not counting Olivia) coming up the next day and if that is the case, I think I will whip out the scrapbooking supplies.  I am sooooo far behind....and I have the creative urg.  Just want to make a least a couple simple layouts or a mini album.  I have guilt that Olivia is in like none of our scrapbooks....and I so enjoy it and miss it much...its just a lot to drag that stuff all out, but if I keep it simple, It should work...of course I must unbury my creative workshop desk (card tables in the basement) first.  I finally got the kids to the library to sign up for the summer reading program.  (I was avoiding paying/fighting an unjust fine, but I faced it and took care of it).  I also signed up and I got a free book from a red cart.  The book I choose is one currently in the stores as somewhat popular, it is titled:  Heaven is for Real.  It is about a little boy's account of visiting heaven while he was on an operating table.  I love when the grass is fresh cut and the floors are clean.  Yesterday was that day.  I switched funiture around in the living room which is always fun.  Ben helped me with the floor and told me he thinks he does a better job then me.  I made an eye dr. appt to get my eye irritation problem figured out.  I think there is something faulty with my contacts or somekind of something in my eye...I dont know.....when I told Ben they might give me a patch for my eye, I found him crying later on....he told me that he didnt want them to take my eye out or for me to wear a patch.  I told him that it probably wont happen and if so we could be pirates together. He was happy again. It's quite chilly out at the moment...long sleeve or jacket weather.  I don't mind.  I have pink paint on my wedding ring.  I do mind.   Lots of giant blue jays lately...must be the suet. I think that is all I feel like talking about right now.  Lots on my mind.  Lots on my heart.  Lots on my to-do list.  I'll probably write again soon.  I know I did not mention anything in regards to chocolate milk like my title may indicate, but I couldn't think of a title and C. milk is always a nice thought.  I wish you farewell until we meet again.

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