Friday, June 03, 2011

He's a butterfly & a pirate...oh my.

 Here we see my dearest Benjamin as he stands in front of the church during his preschool graduation.  Preschool graduation is a sweet and emotional event.  All the children are so precious and special as they take part in this rite of passage.  At the end of the day, I asked Ben what his favorite part of graduation was and he responded with:  Eating a cookie.  Well that just about sums it up for a little four year old doesnt it?  As for me, my favorite part?  Watching him walk down the isle so proud, yet nervous...with his butterfly wings on.  Getting ready to fly...
 Here is sweet Isabelle on her last day of school (I let them celebrate with a Happy Meal Lunch).  Isabelle was thrilled to the moon with the way her school year ended.  Her teacher presented her with an award for:  The kindest student in the class.  Well, let me tell you, Isabelle was so surprised....she said she knew she was kind but she didnt know that she was the kindest!  She said she was proud of herself.  She showed it to everyone we came across this day and it stately hangs in her room.  When she showed me her award, I got a little tear in my eye, as I know the kindness of her heart and was so filled with joy, that it was recognized in this special way.
 This is a gift that I made for my step sister in law, Ellen as she has graduated from college and will be moving on to grad school.  This painting is a recreation resemblance of a photo of her in one of her favorite places (the highlands of scotland) in which she got to study last semester.  Also on the canvas is a much loved quote from one of her favorite authors.  Ellen also loves fairy tales so that's kind of  the fashion of how I incorporated the quote.
 Here are some of the teacher gifts that I made for the end of the year.  Handmade writing journals and painted clipboards. 
Here is Captin Pirate Ben Sparrow.  This past weekend he got to go see Pirates of the Carribian and instantly he got his outfit together.  I had to make him a patch.  All he needs now is a parrot...

Man, am I tired this morning!  I really should make some coffee.   I am so grateful that school has ended and summer has arrived (not for the hot hot weather of course but for the lifestyle that summer brings on...the freedom, the release from routine, etc.).  We have a fun & beautiful Friday planned.  I am looking forward to lot of wonderful today.  Along with several other things ending at this time.  The Esther bible study that I was in for the spring has now ended.  I have decided to do a study on my own for the summer.  This one is:  Daniel (by Beth Moore).  I will be spending much time in the Lions Den learning about integretity and such.  The mosquitos are bad already.  The dog wants to go out but I am making him wait til I finish my post.  I hear the baby up.  I was gonna go downstairs to ride the exercize bike.  Guess, I wont be doing that now...should have done that first!  I was reading The Little Prince to Ben the other night and he fell alseep.  Probably cuz there are big words and minimual pictures.  I sure do love that story though.  I need to refill my birdfeeders.  Lots of lettuce and spinach in the garden already.  o.k., the day is waiting.  May the best be yours today...rejoicce and be glad in it!  (even if you are tired and even if you run out of peanutbutter or milk or stub your toe.  Listen to the birds, feel the breeze...look for the sun.).

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