Thursday, April 21, 2011

that rabbit

I was really happy with how this little painting turned out. From one of my favorite Children's Books: The Velveteen Rabbit. Now that I am a parent, I understand and love this story on such a deeper level. :) Ben wants me to hang it in his room because he says that "it's cute and I'm cute, that's why".

Olivia just loves jumping on the Isabelle and Ben's bean bag chairs. She is also quite fond of this: That's Not My Fairy! book. I think cuz it's magical.

Yesterday, Ben decided that he wanted to dress "HANDSOME" for school. This is the wonderful attire that Ben pulled together. He was quite proud. He even brushed his hair as you can see. :)

The Sun, the SUN!!! - Has finally decided to rejoin us. Amazing how a little shine can brighten up an existance. Isabelle saw "HOP" yesterday with her brownie troop and she loved it. The goldfinches still have not discovered that I have food for them. But, I have faith. Speaking of Faith, Bible Study was very good today (even though I didn't finish my homework and I was missing some very super people!). I wish I could take a nap, I am tired. I am wearing my torn up garden sandles and I don't care. They are ugly, but they are comfortable and today I feel like comfortable. I wish the 12 year old neighbor girl didn't think it was such a great idea to go ahead and tell my 7 year old and my 4 year old children that there is no Easter Bunny and then explain how the process is done. Honestly, this ignorance enrages me. Who the heck do you think you are and how would you like it if I crushed all your magical dreams when you were younger, how about I have a talk with your little 5 year old sister? Didn't anyone teach you, that's fine and dandy if you don't believe, but don't try to ruin it for others? What is wrong with you? Seriously, I want to knock this kid out next time I see her (and I just might!). I hope that I turned the situation around. I did my best to explain to Isabelle and Ben, that some people believe and some people dont, etc...but there are unnecessary doubts in their precious little noggins. Ugh. Speaking of the Easter Bunny, word has it this year that he may be bringing some: Butterflies & a Soccer Net! The Easter Rabbit is beyond awesome in my opinion. I love the smell of Tide. I can't believe it is nearing time to pick the kid up from school. Wow, this day went fast with little accomplished. Oh well, at least the SUN is shining!

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