Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Baby Turns: One!

On April 12th, Olivia Helen turned One Years Old! Here she shows us HOW BIG she is! She did NOT like the hat.
This is why I should leave the cake making up to the pros.
But, I guess she seemed to like it any way!

This day was so bittersweet for me. So happy that this little girl is growing up. Each step, Each day is a new and exciting (and challenging sometimes) adventure. I love seeing her turning into a real little person...whom thinks and interacts and plays and develops...but I know that with each new Step, that her babyhood is being left behind. This makes me sad...but I am so excited to see who this little girl will become. Olivia, we cherish and adore you. You are so loved and we are so blessed. Happy Birthday Baby!

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