Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bee Careful

So, it is Bee Season again on this homefront. Noah is excited that one of his hives thrived (the other failed, but has now been replaced). I suppose we can expect some honey this year. I am hoping. It was quite risky being the photographer in this situation...but, I survived.
Some of the residents.
Ben went to the store with Noah to get some of the garden stuff for the upcoming season. Ben chose these sunflowers for ME. He said he is going to plant them and then he is going to pick them for me. (my sweet little boy). He also added later as he spoke about the flowers that if I wanted to, I could get him something boyish.
Aunt Mary came out for a visit and Ben insisted that she get out her sewing machine and make a vest for his Diego Doll. Well, I just wanted to show Aunt Mary, what Ben did with the vest after she left.

And here we are. Survived a very busy Spring Break...survived it with colds. I lost my voice for 3 days. We are still battling the tail end of illness (Olivia and I are). Speaking of Olivia, she once again decided she didn't want to sleep much last night. Fun Stuff. I was so tired this morning, when my phone went off this morning and it said School, I answered it, wondering...why is school calling me this early? It wasn't a phone call....it was my alarm. ugh. duh. Isabelle has recently discovered the world of : Joke Books. She brought one home from the school library and we have been engaged in giggles and laughter. Ben often chooses a Clifford book from the library. I wonder how many Clifford books exist. He always seems to find a different one. These days I am very much struggling with not being organized. My home and my thoughts are filled with clutter and I just can't seem to get my act together. Somehow I pull off each day, but not how I truly want to. I don't get enough done. My list gets longer and I miss some things. Things that I wish I could be more attentive to. Things that I used to have under control. Things that are important enough to care about but not required, so they get forgotten about these days. They get pushed back and lost. I want to do things better. I want my house, my family, my life to function better...so I need to focus & work on that. Time Management and Stuff Management....those are things I need to improve. Last night I made a new meal: Pork Chops with gingered pears, rice and asparagus. It was a lot of work, a lot of dishes and noone really seemed to eat much or even say they liked it. I thought it was good, but I regretted all that was involved because I was exhausted (still battling sickness). Well, as I was cleaning up afterwards, I was gently reminded with a thought in my head - that I don't need to be thanked or told good job. That is not what this is about. Not at all. I pray today is a good day. Hopefully better weather than yesterday, hopefully better health for my family, hopefully, I will have no dog poop in the house to clean up (sorry just being real). So, I will note a few things to be grateful for at the moment and I will begin this day, tired, weary and with boogers, but with hope in my heart: *sun shining. *internet working (it wasn't earlier). *heat in the house. Um, I guess that's it for now....I will try for more later but the baby has hit her head on the coffee table. Let me leave you with this told by Isabelle: How do you keep a Zombie from Charging? Cut up his credit card.

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Anonymous said...

I love you , Pook monster ;) You always brighten my day and make me smile. Sorry the recipe wasn't a winner! See you this afternoon!

Sarah S.