Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flying Grapes

(Easter Rabbits for your viewing pleasure)

So, all kids are in bed (for now) and the dog is out on the back deck. Noah is on his way home (business trip). For various reasons, today kind of unfolded like a nightmare from early this morning until now. I hate feeling this way. Angry, Anxious, Sad & Overwhelmed. Today didn't go so well and I didn't handle things the best that I could have. I chose the path that I am not proud of. Tired is a factor, but it is no excuse. I yelled and I swore and for that I am very sorry. In the end, hopefully, lessons were learned by us all and tomorrow is a new day. I also took another look at my coffee table mess photo. Truly, that is no is something to be grateful for. The coffee table in that picture is filled with reminders of the Bright, Creative, Beautiful, Playful Children of my life. Children whose spirits can fill a heart with so much joy in a moment's notice. Children who may leave their "stuff " out everywhere...but someday....that stuff won't be there anymore and I know that I will miss it dearly. Now, if I want to complain and share about true messes....there are some smashed peas and grapes on my floor...heck, I even found a piece of grape in my keyboard tonight. Another true hair. Goodnight.

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Nikki said...

((((hugs)))) we all have "those" days :)