Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little Rain Fallen

Togetherness Birds.
Stacked Party Animals are always fun.
Painted clipboard completed.

This year's painted Easter Eggs.

*What a rollarcoaster of days it has been. Weather wise, perfect spring to freezing cold snow/rain. Life in general wise: up & down. *I put Goldfinch seed out a few days ago, but they have not discovered it yet. *I decided to cut bangs. The jury is still out whether I like them or not. I think I do. *Olivia had her 1 year dr. appt. She's doing swell. *Love Johnny Cash's song: Hurt. *I need some new paint brushes. *There are 4 bags of sugar on my counter. (for bee food). *Tonight, Noah is coming home from a Texas business trip. *Ben is hoping he will bring a horse with him. *I think we might have hardboiled eggs for dinner tonight. *If you follow every dream you might get lost. *I like brown paper bags with handles. *I should really do some laundry. In fact I am sitting underneath a pile as I type. *I'm wearing a Captin America bandaid. *If I was going to San Fransico, I don't know if I would wear flowers in my hair. *Got Ben the Charlie Brown movie: Happiness is a Warm Blanket. *There's a greenhouse in my kitchen: sprouts have started. It's promising. *I want to go dance in the river. I don't know where the nearest river is. *Besides, it's raining - I would get wet. Goodnight. :)

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