Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moments in the Dark of the Night

She cries again. I am so tired. I let her cry. She still cries, so I pick her up, I sit on my bed and I cradle her in my arms. I rock her and I talk to her softly. She settles down and lets me comfort her. I feel the weight of her tiny body in my arms and I know that all too soon she will grow and I won't be able to do this again. I am tired, she is tired, but we are both up when we should be sleeping. Enveloped in the darkness, I can still make out the features of her beautiful face. I enhale her sweet smell. Tiny hand wrapped around my finger. I listen to our breathing, it's all I can hear. In this moment, I am mother to this precious little being and I know nothing more. In this moment the love I feel for her consumes all else. My thoughts are flooded with my blessings. I am enchanted. My baby falls alseep, but I hold her for a bit while longer anyway.

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