Thursday, March 31, 2011

In a VAN down by the River.

Thursday Morning Sunrise. It was so peaceful this morning to see the world turn from darkness, to beautiful light. The birds sang while I drank my coffee. Homemade Dried Fruit Scones! I baked these! And I am no baker (well not really, I can make banana bread, cupcakes...premade cookie dough, hehe) and I think they turned out wonderful! If you want the recipe, let me know :) It has been one of my dreams to make scones and I can't believe I did it. (go ahead, insert the word: dork ).
Lasso The Moon Cowboy Painting for Ben.

Ben has talked me into creating a cowboy painting for him. He directed me throughout the process (and bumped into me several times as well). Although it probably can't be seen there is glitter on the moon and stars. I always try to put a touch of glitter (magic) on my paintings if it seems to be appropriate. Lets see, news of the moment: We are on spring break and we have had some wonderful opportunities to visit with friends so it has been some really nice time spent. The beginning of the week started off with the kids screaming at eachother and Ben dropping one of his favorite toys in the toliet (don't ask), but things defintely turned around. Right now I am fighting a possible sore throat and I am praying it does not come to fruitation. So not in the mood. The birdbath that I attemped to fix has broken again, so I think I will say goodbye this time. Biggest news of all: Although it is not pink like Ben wanted, we brought home a new (used) van last night!!!! We said goodbye to my blazer (it was holding on by some string and super glue) and hello to our new ride. We have been talking about getting a van for a year now (like before Olivia came on the scene), so I still can hardly believe that it's true. So far I love love love it and it should make life so much easier on this clan. I am thrilled to the moon (and back!). I have to start planning Isabelle's communion. It will be here before we know it. The kids and I were listening to the radio yesterday, a song comes on and Isabelle asks "Is this the Chicksy Dicks?" (dixie chicks). Recently someone was in the bathroom (at home) so Ben asked if he could go to the bathroom in the garbage can? No, Ben. I should probably get my spring decor out, only problem is most of it can't be out because of Little Miss Grabby Hands. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, I really hope that it doesnt. Well, for now - I am looking forward to a special & wonderful day. Here comes the sun. I will leave you with a few items listed from my up & running gratitude journal:::: *Baby giggles. * Fresh baked scones. *Life Beautiful Magazine. *Paintbrush touching canvas. *Click Clack of the dryer. *Hazelnut Creamer. *Sunrise w/ bird song. *Unicorn Pillow Pet.

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