Monday, March 28, 2011

Make A Stand

The beginnings of my next painting. I cannot wait to get started on this one.
The highlight of our day yesterday (Sunday). The baby stands! She stands on her own. She gets up and stands there and claps and it is amazingly wonderful. We all clap with her. She is happy and we are happy and all filled with joy. (please ignore my dirty floor). I am so excited that it is spring break time. I love that we dont have to rush out the door this a.m. I love that I don't have to be a drill sergant and make repeated demands so we are not late or missing things. It's lovely and to top that off, everyone is still sleeping, it's just me and my thoughts and my coffee and it's still dark and I am waiting f or the birds to start chirping and the sun to start rising and I am alone (did I mention?) and I love these quiet moments of peace while the rest of the clan are snuggled in their beds. I spent the majority of yesterday cleaning the kids room. We worked as a team (which of course is less functioning then a single worker in this case, because all that goes in the garbage, gets pulled out of the garbage and there are delays in the execution of tasks as the children decide to try on and test all that they find under their beds). So anyway, all that work yesterday and we are only about half done, but I am proud to say that at least I can walk to their beds at night to tuck them in instead of climbing over mountains of "stuff". Yesterday, I also did about a million (give or take a few) dishes since Noah has been cooking all weekend. Have I ever mentioned how much I can't stand doing the dishes? I stand at the sink and think about all the other things I'd rather be doing. I stand there and whine in my head about all else that I have to be doing. I don't know why, but the dishes no matter how hard I try, will never be my friend. I know I must find the gift in the ritual of doing them. The blessing of being able to do dishes for a family, in a home with warm water and soap and the super food that was upon them, I must think of those things...but as I am on my hundredth piece of the day, I think...plastic or paperplates would be nice. Cereal would work. I explore all the options that would conclude in less dishes. Someday I shall have a dishwasher again, but for now...this is my lot. I wonder when it will warm up. Ben was riding his jeep/truck this weekend and playing on his little radio was a Baptist Preacher. Isabelle all bundled up, rode her new bike with the sparkly streamers blowing in the wind. They long to be outside, I long for them to be outside. I have started reading a book called: One Thousand Gifts. It is about living your life fully in gratitude (see why I am working on accepting the dishes with a smile?). So, I have started my own gratitude journal and I will share some of my entries with you here and there as I go. So, I will end this monday morning greeting with the few that I jotted down yesterday. Maybe you could find some of your own to write down today? It feels so good, to find the gift in the seemingly simple of the everyday. 1. A baby stands on her own. 2. I know the cardinals song although I do not see. 3. Fireplace Reading. 4. A cowboy & Dorothy in shin guards play Go Fish. 5. An overwhelming task, 1/2 done. 6. Comfy pajama pants. 7. A boy napping with sunshine on his face. 8. Peace In The Valley (Elvis). 9. Dinner Guests. 10. The lost, is found.

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