Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bull or Bowl?

I must get pulled away from the computer approx. 100 times while trying to write a post, so I wonder why I try when the little people are about, but I am not a I try. Already, a baby crawls away, I need to chase her. One child can't get a door open, another child forgets to close another. That other child asks what's for dinner. The one child can't find his baseball glove and I need to search. I check out the window to make sure they are not out in the street or have found themselves in times of trouble or have chased a white rabbit down a deep hole. I hear yelling but I ignore it. And so on... So what I was going to post about I don't know if I will any longer post about as my mind frame has quickly and certainly changed. I was going to speak on the peace of the moment and the being here now...but actually I don't want to be here now...and in fact there is not peace in this moment. none. As I chase the baby once again, and the door slams and the dog barks and there is dog hair on my favorite pajama pants because I sat on the couch instead of the leather chair. I notice a peanutbutter and jelly crust left on the window sill. nice. Today I read something that said: Like a Bull in a China Shop. My whole life I had thought it was Bowl in a China Shop. All this time I have been walking around like a fool with the wrong word in my head. It makes sense now. The baby is now crying because I trapped her in the saucer so I could sit for a few, but she is unhappy and letting me know it. It smells like chicken and onions coming from the kitchen where the husband is whipping up the evening meal. Who would have thought my biggest challenge of the day would be continually fighting with the children about how they are required to wear coats and not shorts in this 30 degree weather. Please don't slam the door again, I just yell. The boy asks why there are extra buttons on the inside of his shirt. I answer, I don't know, even though..I know. The girl asked me what a T-ball is and I ignore her cuz im typing, but the boy provides the answer. All this chaos in a matter of moments. All this chaos are my moments. I must find the gift in them. I know there are many gifts within them. There must be. I'm sure of it. I just need to think about it a bit. Yes, I will think about it after I get the peanutbutter out of the lad's ear.

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