Monday, March 14, 2011

Hearts at Home

Retreat: Reflect: Refresh: Refine: - Those are some of the goals when attending a Hearts at Home Conference. It has taken a few years, but I have finally made it back to Hearts. Thanks to planned funds & wonderful family to help with the kids and on the homefront, I was able to leave everything behind for a few days and infuse my heart & spirit with special time with amazing friends, inspirational speakers, endless information, etc. I encourage any mother/homemaker who has the opportunity to attend this event, to make your best efforts because the benefits are beyond wonderful.
This was a cute book that I read recently in regards to motherhood. Makes you laugh at yourself and your situations. Right next to the book is a very special cross bookmark that Ben had made for me.
Here's Lancelot relaxing on the back deck on an almost spring day.

The Painter.
Here's my little Ben making a painting. He is quite serious while creating.

Fresh Strawberries. Noah brought home a crate for us. Yum!

My day has ran away. In just a few minutes I have to start getting ready to pick up the children from school. My intentions of housecleaning were accomplished at a bare minimum as I wandered through my day without intention to complete my goals, but more focused on anxious feelings and endless thoughts. Feeling a little bit overwhelmed by so much to do, I know I need to get organized. I need to get a clear head so I can function. I need to snap out of this mode, whatever it is. I must create peace and make a plan. Spring is upon us, what an amazing season to celebrate. It's hard for me to believe that this spring, Isabelle will be making her First Holy Communion and Olivia will be turning one. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Ben has seemed to grow up so fast lately and I ask him to slow down but he tells me that he can't, that he is supposed to grow up...and he's right, so I allow it. I am enjoying the sun shine that peeks through the windows (although dirty windows..but I intend to clean them soon). I am excited about the paintings that I have been able to do and wish that I could find time to do more. I also know that this season in my life must be focused on taking care of my family and home and that all else will come in time. I am soooooo tired at the moment, I just want to nap. Olivia was up constantly last night. I pray for answers and change. I do all that I know in my heart to do for her, but sometimes it is not enough. Besides her sleep issues, my baby girl is a very healthy and happy little wonderment. I am wearing an Elvis shirt today. It's been a long time since I have whipped one of these out of the dark corners of the closet. Yesterday Ben asked me if Soliders and Cowboys helped Superheros get the bad guys? I answered: Yes and then he turned around and told Isabelle: Let's play Barbies! and they ran outside together. I have been making a spicy beef stir fry for a few years now, only to learn recently that Noah doens't really like it. I wish he would have told me years ago. I feel like a fool dishing out something that was possibly dreaded instead of desired. Does he really like my tator-tot casserole? Do I? Should I tell Ben that Olivia played with Woody while he was at school? Better not...some things are better left unsaid. :)

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