Saturday, March 26, 2011


This week at school, Isabelle was part of the research fair. Her class did: The Life Cycle of Frogs. (I wonder if that was choosen since their class theme is: FROG (fully rely on God). When Isabelle found out that she would have to make a visual display, right away she had something in mind and asked if I could get some clay. Well, when the day came to create her project, she took the assignment on with a passion. she was so excited to make her FROG world. I was prepared to help her but, I really didn't need to. She had a vision and she knew what she was doing, it was awesome. Also, Ben wanted to make his own Frog diaroma, as you can see in the picture, he did a SUPER job as well! The kids are offically on Spring Break (and so am I). Honestly, I think I needed a break from the school routine more than they did. It's freezing outside these days, so I really hope it warms up! This week I turned 36. WOW. I seriously cannot believe that is my age, but I suppose the grey hairs on my head would help prove the theory. Once again this year, I was reminded how much that I am loved through so many amazing people in my life via calls, cards, gifts, visits, etc. Olivia has been eating everything under the sun these days. Her sleeping habits are still about the same. She is into everything possible. The outlet plugs have saved me much stress. Ben has been dressing as a cowboy every single day lately. Yesterday, I was preparing dinner, watching the kids playing out the window with the neighbor kids and all of a sudden Ben walks on the scene: as Batman. (totally unexpected since I have been used to his "cowboy suit" lately. Not only was Batman out and about, but he was wearing a big pair of mustard yellow goulashs (to boot, literally). He is such my joy. That little boy plants an unexpected smile on my face so often. I think Isabelle has forgotten that she NEEDS glasses, becauase they have been folded on the window sil for 3 days now. I guess her blindness has gone away. How fortunate for her to suddenly be able to see. hehe. Today is a SoCcEr day. Besides that, I have cleaning / decluttering / organzing on my horizon. I swear, I seriously cannot keep up with these people at all these days. They undo what I do before it is done. Cute little monsters that destroy my existance. Loud and messy constantly moving beings that unravel my plans. Yet, I keep them. Something tells me I have to. Last night Ben helped me make homemade applesauce. Then I made potatoe pancakes for dinner. They turned out awesome I must say. The Robins are bobbin and the sun is starting to shine...maybe there is more promise to this day then I first suspected. Good day to YOU!

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