Sunday, March 06, 2011

Balls and Paint

I finished a painting for a very special little girl who just turned 5 (her mom is going to give it to her for a birthday gift). She loves to dance and green is her favorite color. This project was so fun to plan & create. :)
12x12 stretched canvas - acrylic & glitter paints

Bowling. As a family we went bowling yesterday. It was fun. I am no bowler. I just don't have the skill or interest...but still: to knock a few pins down, always sends a certain burst of thrill through you...and to watch the kids get so excited , high fives and hugs all around. Noah won. Olivia spectated. The ball I choose had the name: Peggy written on it. You know this might sound a bit weird, but I kind of liked those bowling shoes. They were oddly comfortable. After bowling, we went out to dinner (mexican). The kids ordered nachos and orange juice. I ordered: tacos. noah ordered : chicken. Olivia ate crackers and corn. Then we came home and watched: City Slickers on our mini dvd player. Super Saturday....but I have yet to mention how the day began: The kids first day of : INDOOR SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides being told we had to be there an hour earlier then we really had to be there and besides Olivia wanting to escape and cause trouble 98% of the seriously was such a blast and so fun. Isabelle and Ben absoutley LOveD it. They can't wait for their next game. They both really got into learning and playing. It was great to watch them. I can't believe that I am offically (even though I don't have a mini van, I am still saying I am offical) a soccer mom. Who would have known? Now if only I could get Olivia to cooperate so I could focus and enjoy more while there.

The kids loved their coaches! The coaches really made it fun, got them excited to play and made them feel special . This is something that I am very thankful for. The above pic is Ben's team warming up / drills. Ben is the short one right in the middle with the longest shirt almost touching his knees. His team was so cute (running the wrong way, hands on the ball, frozen stances, walking off the court to chat with their moms, etc). Below is Isabelle in action during her game. She was so proud of herself and getting involved. Especially since her level was mostly boys. I love that Isabelle asked me if they would be in the newspaper. (she felt like a big deal). Both kids loved the cheers and took many sideline breaks for water (good sign). Best part? They each got a ball to take home. Free balls, seriousy what beats that? (and let me assure you soccer practice continued on the homefront for much of the remainder of the day).
So here we are. Sunday Morning. I can't even explain how wonderful the sun was shining when I awoke this morning. It's like that spring/summer sun that lights up the world. I don't know if I mentioned this but earlier in the week, I saw several Robins bobbin on the ground and that is always my sign of hope that Spring will arrive soon. (we won't mention the snow that took place afterward though). Some of our rooms are kind of packed up and bare for some painting we have going on this week). I hope to get the house back in order by the end of the week. That is my goal. We made a decision to make some room switching around (bedroom that is) for something that we think makes more sense and function for us and the kids. We will start preparing for that next week. The most exciting outcome for this I believe is that Isabelle will be getting her own room. This week I bought some new cleaning supplies. It's the litte joys. An upolstry brush that is supposed to help get the dog hair off the couches. (I say keep the dog off the couches to keep the dog hair off, but what do I know?). I also bought a Swifter so I can clean the floor more easily/quicker, etc. Olivia is still not sleeping well. I keep praying she will start to sleep better cuz I think it's taking it's toll on me. She's happy though and that's the most important thing. She really enjoys so much and to see her smile and hear her giggle....oh what a joy. Darn squirrels keep eating my birdfood. I still have not seen Gnomeo and Juliet. I really want the book: A Thousand Gifts. I am looking forward to a very special trip coming up at the end of this week. I am not looking forward to spending my entire Sunday today: Cleaning. (can't even walk in the kids room). Maybe I will get to the fridge (theres stuff growing in the bottom) and my car (you could live for days off of the food and misc. items piled up in there). Wishful thinking I tackle these goals....but a girl can dream. I have rambled. Goodbye.

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